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South Dorset Mountain Bike Club
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ABOUT South Dorset Mountain Bike Club

South Dorset mountain Bike club started life around 1988 as Weymouth mountain bike club. We have evolved into South Dorset Mountain Bike Club (SDMBC) as a our membership has grown to cover a wider area.

We organise club rides every Tuesday evening throughout the year, regardless or weather or daylight.

Rides are timed to last approximatly 2 hours, meeting at 7:00 pm, with a start time of 7:10. Normally rides are around 12 miles, but may be as long as 20 miles.

Rides are normally 90% off road, covering tracks and bridal ways. Many hills, which mean fast down hills and unfortunatlly this also means lots of climbs!.

We are not excessivly fast, but we are not slow either - we will wait at points along the ride for the slower riders to catch up. We always makes sure we don't lose anyone!


New members are always welcome.

Membership costs just £10.00 per year so come with us on a trial ride or two or three. See if we meet your expectations.

If you would like to join us or just want more information please email us using the link below.

E-mail :South Dorset Mountain Bike Club

If you do Join us we will keep your contact data (Name, Address, email, Mobile number, Emergency contact Name and Number) for as long as you are a member and one year after your membership lapses.

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